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Torn Touch
Today I was walking with my coworker, Jules LaPlace, going home from a day at the OKFocus office. On the E train platform I noticed this just sitting there,

sitting there

Naturally, I took a picture and posted it up on Instagram,

photo 2

The train took a while to come, and I was bored. I kept looking at this severed iPad ad sitting in this pathetic position. Eventually, with my ACG Foamposites, Burberry coat and all I decided to pick up the vinyl fragments.

I came home about an hour and a half ago, and started pulling these sticky iPad things apart. They were really sticky, I posted a vine about their stickiness,

Anyways, after pulling these things apart I proceeded to stick them in a way I felt was agreeable to the original on my wall. Here's the end result,



I feel pretty good about the piece. I like thinking about the person who aggressively tore this ad off the wall. Who are they? Perhaps they too fancy themselves an artist? Or maybe they are a die hard Android user mad at Apple. Or maybe they were just bored on the platform and wanted something to tug at. I also enjoy the tactile discrepancy between the delicate nature of touch on an iPad (or all technological objects for that matter) and the type of touch that goes into ripping a poster down from a subway wall. This tension is something I think of often, as I find technology to offer the most free and fresh form of expression, yet I also miss making stuff with my hands to the point where I get pleasure out of washing dishes now.. i know.. its sick.

Anyways, the piece is for sale for $1000 $850 if you want to buy it.